Friday, January 8, 2010

Reminiscence - "Cross Cut Saw

While out (in 18 Degree windy weather) looking for the next tree for firewood, I remembered the little story about a two man crosscut saw that is in a utility trailer here. This saw was an object of much conflict in my grandparents lives. You see the boys use to get in huge arguements and even fights over that saw. A crosscut saw is NEVER to be leaned on to try to get it to cut faster. This was called "riding the saw." When you would lean on the saw it would make whoever was on the other handle work triple hard to get the teeth across the log. The leaner was of the mindset that the victim would never know. Just don't try that trick with someone experienced in this type work. The victim would usually say, "Lighten' up on your end; you're riding the saw." To which the "leaner" would reply, "You're crazy as hell." "There ain't nobody riding the saw." This exchange would continue until one of two if not both things would take place. The victim would walk away cussing with all the might left in their tired body or the victim would proceed to cuss, jump on the "leaner" to whip their sorry ass, or cuss, throw saw, whip ass and then walk away. (Ok, thats more than two things) These choices had many combinations but the result was the same. Someone was mad, someone else is hurt, and the wood ISN't cut!! Now when the wood isn't cut that brings in at least two more characters. The parents or the bosses you are cutting for. A bad day is being had by all involved.

Somewhere at my moms house is a picture of all the boys on my dads side of the family holding that evil saw. And there in the middle, just as if it were decades ago on some fall day, my grandfather is in the middle of his boys posing with that saw. The expressions on all their faces is unmistakeable. They all know too well just how much drama was attached to that steel blade with two well worn wooden handles.

All I can say is I am glad we have chainsaws now. I know if my two sons were using that crosscut saw I would hear, "Lighten up on your end; you're ridin' the saw."

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  1. Hi Native,

    Thank you for sharing that story. I love stories like that. And thanks for joining my blog. Have a nice day! ~jen